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Manic's Countdown amin'ny top 8 ratsy ratsy - iHorror

by Manic Exorcism
Karnavaly Macabre an'i Manic - Fiakarana ratsy ho an'ireo ratsy fanahy 8 ambony

Number 3: Captain Spalding – House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects (directed by Rob Zombie)

Let’s all hop in the car and go down to Captain Spalding’s Museum of Monsters and Madmen, folks! Feast your eyes on the local attractions. Hell, if you don’t watch your step you may very well end up as one yourself.

Captain Spalding (Sid Haig) is known not only for his infamous museum of suffering, but he makes a mean fried chicken that’s finger lickin’ good. Spalding’s charm is so irresistible – and it’s largely due to the brilliance of Haig’s masterful performance – that we easily forget that we’re dealing with a violant psychopath.

He is crass. He is brutal and will beat or kill anyone who gets in his way. He is violent and you can’t trust him for a moment. But we still love him.

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